About Us

About Us

“Destination Wedding” Its offer destination Indian wedding services in Switzerland. A strong emphasis on unique and stunning designs quickly established “Destination Wedding” as the best wedding planner in a niche market. Now we offer our services not only in Switzerland but also in France, Italy, Spain and even in India.

We begin at the entrance to captivate our guests and lead them through a myriad of elaborate and delicate floral decorations, to where the main venue is revealed in its full glory. High-end furniture, audio-video, lighting are all elements that are brought together in perfect harmony. The end result is always a symphony of decor.

Occasionally we also accept requests from businesses to organize events that require an exceptionally beautiful setting. As event designers, we aspire to create spaces that lead to unforgettable experiences. We transform ordinary spaces into glamorous venues and turn even the mundane into magnificent. Floral arrangements are designed with taste and finesse.

For Indian weddings, we make sure that everything required by tradition is available. There are no short-cuts and our guests are sure to feel at home despite being halfway around the world. You can learn more about our services here.

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