Lake Bled

Lake Bled

Lake Bled

Lake Bled is a lake in the Julian Alps of the Upper Carniolan region of northwestern Slovenia, where it adjoins the town of Bled. The area is a tourist&wedding destination. The lake is 35 km from Ljubljana International Airport and 55 km from the capital city, Ljubljana. Lake Bled is 4.2 km from Lesce-Bled train station. Discover Slovenia’s most spectacular natural sites – the famous Alpine jewels of Bled and its surroundings. Enjoy various sceneries, learn about the local crafts and traditions of one of Europe’s most picturesque Alpine regions.

Best Things to do in Lake Bled Slovenia

Out of many things to do in Lake Bled, Slovenia; you can choose a few depending upon the time, the number of days you’ve in Bled, and of course your kids’ liking.
Bled Island
Capture it in all the classic frames – from across the lake, from the viewpoints, and from the Bled castle.

Get out on the water to get to the iconic island. You can get to Bled Island either by hiring a Pletna boat or renting a rowboat or hiring an electric boat or

Bled Island is verdantly beautiful with its Gothic church, Belltower, Sexton’s House, Potočnica and Provost’s House and a courtyard with wooden benches.

Ring a Wishing Bell at Bled Island Church

The rustic baroque church, the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary, aka Church of Mary the Queen, aka Our Lady of the Lake, aka Cerkev Marijinega Vnebovzetja (Slovene) on a teeny-weeny tear-shaped Bled island is famous for its wishing bell.During the battle between the Christians and pagan religion followers, medieval temple of the ancient Slavic Goddess Živa was destroyed to be replaced by a Catholic church.

The church was built and rebuilt in the 15th and 17th centuries to its current form with a bell tower.Hike up the 99 steps (south) or 78 steps (north) to reach the church to make a wish and say it loud pulling the rope hanging from the ceiling 3 times to ring the wishing bell.

The legend goes that a widow named Poliksena exchanged her jewels to buy a bell for the chapel in the loving memory of her husband but as luck would have it, the boat carrying the people aboard and the bell sunk in the lake due to an intense storm.Distressed, Poliksena donated everything to the church and moved to Rome. The pope of Vatican sent his blessings along with a new bell to the church.The legend also has it that you can still hear the ringing of the bell sunk in the Lake Bled.

The legend also has it that you can still hear the ringing of the bell sunk in the Lake Bled.

The Entry Fee for St. Mary’s Church and the Bell Tower is 6 Euros per adult and 1 Euro per child up to 14 years of age. It allows you to climb the bell tower for some gorgeous views over Bled Lake.

Rent a Rowboat

Rent a rowboat to paddle yourself across the bluish blue lake to Bled Island. The island isn’t as fascinating as rowing a boat.

There are plenty of shops around the lake where you can rent a rowboat. It costs somewhere between 20 to 25 Euros for an hour.

Else, you can rent it online.

Ride a Pletna

rowing a boat isn’t your cup of tea, hop on one of the traditional Pletna boats and enjoy the breathtaking views while oarsman takes you across the lake to the island.

The locals say that you haven’t really visited Bled without taking a Pletna ride.

Pletnarstvo (Pletna oarsman) profession is bequeathed from generation to generation since 1590, mastered by individual families.

With flat wooden bottom and a colorful canopy, Pletna looks very much like a gondola in Venice

Pletna transports a maximum of 20 people at a time and takes 25 minutes each way with an additional 45 minutes on the island.

A roundtrip costs 15€ per adult and 8€ per child. You can even hire a private Pletna but the price is way higher than you expect.

Pletna boat pier locations are Spa Park, Casino Bled, Mlino (under the Park Hotel Bled Cafe,) Velika Zaka, South Bled Island, and North Bled Island.

Fishing in Lake Bled

Fishing in Lake Bled is another great activity to indulge in. You can fish pike, catfish, carp and lake trout.

Remember to buy a Fishing permit for the Lake Bled, Sava Bohinjka, and Radovna rivers from Bled Tourist Association.

Vintgar Gorge

Just a 10-minute drive away from Lake Bled, Vintgar Gorge is 1.6 km long gorge with beautiful boardwalks and bridges along the Radovna River.

It’s spectacular and easy to hike with young kids! A must-visit when you are in Bled.

Enjoy the Sunrise over the Lake Bled

One of the best things to do in Bled is to rise up early in the morning to adore the sunrise over Lake Bled.

The lake looks sublime as it reflects the orange and yellow shades of the sky with the gold-sprinkled Alps at distance during sunrise.

The west end of the lake and Ojstrica viewpoint are two great locations to savor the glittery sunrise and click some amazing frames.

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